Cuban Henry Jaen wins Marathon of Havana for the fifth time

Cuban Henry Jaen wins Marathon of Havana for the fifth timeHAVANA, Nov 19 (PL) Cuban Henry Jaen won the Marabana marathon race for the fifth time on Havana streets and avenues, the largest mass sports event in Cuba attended by almost six thousand long distance runners from 66 countries.

Jaen clocked in the distance of 42 kilometers and 195 meters a time of 2h28: 42, and was followed in the podium of awards of the men’s classification by his compatriots Yumier Fouman (2h29: 50) and Alien Reyes (2h34: 18). “I was comfortable in the race because I prepared for this hard circuit, where the weather makes its function. I stayed calm in the first round and then in the second when I got to the slopes I separated from the group, “said Jaen after the competition.

Now I’m going to prepare myself again to achieve a good result in the Paris Marathon, enthused the Marabana five-time champion.

The Cuban Yudileyvis Castillo was, for her part of the crown among the ladies, with a record of 2h46: 35. Her compatriots, Misleidys Vargas (2h54: 47) and Lizandra Gómez (3h11: 28) accompanied her in the following boxes.

In the half marathon, Cuban Richer Pérez, the Central American and Pan-American marathon champion, was the winner in the absolute classification, with a mark of 1: 06.18 hours.

The second place in this route of 21,097 kilometers corresponded to the American Jeffrey Egleeton, with time of 1: 06.26 hours, and the third place went to Yuleidys La O (1: 08.10).

For this race was awarded for the first time the prize of the Athletics Association of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (Nacac), which fell to Richer Pérez as a starter, followed by the American Jeffrey Egleeton, while the third place was reached this time by the Canadian Patrice Labont (1: 08.24).

In the half marathon, the winner was the Cuban Dailin Belmonte, with a mark of 1h16: 44, seconded by the Trinidadian Tonya Nero (1h16: 54) and the Puerto Rican Paola Lizbeth Rivera (1h23: 54).

Also, in the 10 kilometers won in the male Luis Ernesto Hernandez, with a mark of 33.04 minutes, ahead of Jordan Diaz (33.29) and Ernesto Abréu (33.34), all from Cuba.

In that last distance between women won the Cuban Leslie Amat, with a time of 39.30 minutes, followed by his compatriots Marilennis Orozco (40.00) and Dagmara Kamelia Milanés (40.15).

The Nacac awarded Cuba in the first place for teams of the half marathon, after adding 2h23: 02 the marks of its first man and first woman classified in the event, which were respectively the champions of this distance Richer Pérez and Dailín Belmonte.

Trinidad and Tobago (2h30: 21), which had as a bulwark the runner-up of the 21 km Tonya Nero, occupied the second seat by nations, and in the third place was Puerto Rico (2h38: 50), with the contribution of all the female bronze medalist Paola Rivera.

The traditional Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 kilometers race is held in honor of the National Day of Physical Culture and the 498th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal in Havana, as well as its proclamation by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. The humanity.

The United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Italy and France had the highest representation of foreign athletes, according to Carlos Gattorno, director of the Marabana-Maracuba project.

This edition also included for the first time the presence of more than 100 runners over 65 years of age. All the modalities of the race had awards, also in the category of disabled (blind, deaf and wheelchair riders), as well as by age.

This celebration of physical exercise and sports in Cuba was preceded on Saturday by the 19th edition of Maracuba, a popular race that filled the corridors of much of the country with people of all ages.