havana-live-granmaHavana,Sept. 22th  (AFP) Granma, the Communist Party newspaper and a source of anti-US tirades since 1965, made history Wednesday by running a US embassy notice for American citizens living in Cuba.

The notice gives information on how US residents can request absenteeballots to vote in the November 8 presidential election.

A US embassy spokesman was happy about the development, the result of restored diplomatic relations between the two former Cold War foes.

“Granma frequently publishes other embassies notices,” the spokesman told AFP. “It’s possible for us now that we’re an embassy. We’re happy Granma published it.”

As is common practice there was no fee for the ad, the spokesman said.

Embassy officials did not have immediate figures on the number of US citizens living in Cuba.

Washington still bans Americans from visiting Cuba as tourists, although travel is permitted for 12 other categories, including cultural and educational exchange.

Ties between Washington and Havana broke in 1961 following the 1959 revolution that swept Fidel Castro into power. His brother Raul is the current president.

Diplomatic relations were restored in July 2015, and embassies were reopened in Washington and Havana respectively.

Full normalization of relations still faces roadblocks, however, most notably a US trade embargo on the island that began in 1962. The US Congress has shown little interest in lifting the embargo.

Havana also wants to recover Guantanamo Bay, occupied by the US navy since 1903, and the end of immigration rules that encourage Cubans to emigrate to the United States.