Cuban government assures that it has the flour necessary for January bread

Cuban government assures that it has the flour necessary for January bread

HAVANA, Jan. 15th. The Cuban Milling Company assured in state media that the wheat flour necessary to produce bread for the basic basket in January is already on the island.Through a television report, it was learned that about 700 tons of flour are needed daily to produce bread for the standardized family basket. Their non-availability “on several occasions” caused “effects in bread production in Cuba in recent months.”

The lack of bread in some wineries in the country, together with the poor quality of this product, has been reported by many users on networks in recent times.

However, according to the commercial director of the aforementioned state organization, Zayli Pérez Hernández, “the current year began with a more favorable situation since the raw materials are guaranteed to be able to be produced until January 31.”

The flour necessary for this, she added, was recently unloaded from a ship in the port of Havana, and another in Santiago de Cuba. This arrival “allows all the company’s mills to have the cereal,” the director stated.

According to the Cuban government, bread production remains one of the priorities in feeding the population. That is why, according to the television report, the flour unloading was carried out “despite breakdowns such as those of the main elevator of the threads for 60,000 tons, located in the capital municipality of Regla.”

Later, it was reported on this machinery whose last repair occurred on December 23 of last year, but due to the state of the rails, and their lack in the country, “we had to resort to innovation to solve the situation.”

Since last year, the supply of flour has been one of the biggest problems that the island has faced. The government maintains that its causes are “the effect of the United States blockade of Cuba since the ships have been in the port, but due to delays in payments, the unloading has been delayed.”

In mid-2023, the Cuban Bread Chain indicated that they had not stopped looking for options to restore service on the island. Among them, they mentioned the association with non-state forms of management to guarantee the supply of inputs.