Cuban fishermen catch 710-pound tuna

Cuban fishermen catch 710-pound tuna

HAVANA, March 21 Cuban fishermen Luis Alberto Roca Hernández and Reinier Domínguez Verde caught a yellowfin tunaon camera that weighed 710 pounds in Canasí, Mayabeque province, confirmed in the Facebook group ‘Fishermen in camera and cork in Cuba’.

According to what was published by one of the fishermen, Luis Alberto Roca Hernández, the fish was caught in a bag of just 120 pounds, which cost four hours of work.

“It was sold for much more than 150 thousand pesos. Thank you all,” Roca Hernández wrote in the comments of the post.

He added that the fish towed them about 20 kilometers and a boat helped them pull it to shore.

The images released show the fishermen posing next to the tuna.

Hundreds of Internet users on social networks have left comments: some congratulatory and others incredulous with the news.

“Whether caught on camera or in a boat, if it was caught on a hook, no one and I mean no one can take away the merit of that catch, Those are the most feisty fish in the sea and the fact that you have been able to catch them is an absolute and unquestionable record, Congratulations Cuban fishermen, I say it with pride because I am too,” wrote Mario Erit.