Cuban Films Restored in France by Jean Pierre Melville

 Jean Pierre Melville,Melville Foundation,Cuba, film restaurationHAVANA, May 2 (PL) The projection today in Cuba of films restored by Jean Pierre Melville is a great tribute to the centenary of his birth and allows the celebration of the

French culture from Havana, said the nephew of the outstanding filmmaker Laurent Grousset.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, the director of Melville Foundation informed that the presentation in this capital of the work of the outstanding director is the first of several initiatives to commemorate his birthday, on October 20, 1917.

My uncle died very young, at 55, but left more than a dozen films, which are part of the French heritage.

Today those films are remastered and the whole world will see them again. Starting in Cuba is a wonderful thing, he said.

Being here presenting his work is a pleasure and a huge pride, he added.

Melville’s feature film screening is part of the 20th French Film Festival in Cuba, which was inaugurated on April 27 and will end on May 31.