Cuban film that was censored in Havana wins an award in Spain

Cuban film that was censored in Havana wins an award in Spain

HAVANA, March 8. “Calls from Moscow”, the film made by Luis Alejandro Yero that was censored in the last edition of the Havana Latin American Film Festival,was the winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Murcia International Film Festival (IBAFF), in Spain.

The jury was made up of filmmakers Patxi Burillo, Irene M. Borrego and Daniela Urzola, who unanimously awarded the award to the documentary by the young filmmaker from the island, for the “successful way of articulating the form with a powerful and current political discourse, which with few elements manages to portray the collective spirit of a community marked by the tension between isolation and hyperconnection.”

Yero’s work portrays the lives of four young Cubans who arrived in Moscow in search of asylum shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“In their phone calls, the present and the future coexist: their resistance as queer and irregular immigrants, and the exchanges with the film’s director after the outbreak of the war,” noted the Festival jury.

The film was censored by the organizers of the Havana Latin American Film Festival last December without explaining the artist.

“It is immoral to participate in a festival that hides these abuses [censorship, threats] and receives filmmakers from all over the continent as if Havana – a city sunk in sadness – were a Caribbean resort where they can drink mojitos and pat each other on the shoulder.” each other,” Yero wrote at the time.

The film was not included in the Festival’s program “due to some uncomfortable phrases that point towards the collapse and lack of morality of a Government that covertly supports Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which has led to the ruin of an entire country and provoked the largest exodus in the history of Cuba —more than 500,000 people in a year and a half, the equivalent of 5% of its population—, which has its young people dispersed throughout the world and, as some of the participants say, they prefer to be less 20 degrees, illegal and in the most homophobic country in Europe, before returning to Cuba,” commented its director.

“Calls from Moscow” is a co-production between Cuba, Germany and Norway and had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. It was also in the selection of the IV INSTAR Film Festival, organized by the Hannah Arendt Artivism Institute and directed by Tania Bruguera.