Cuban Film Sergio & Serguei to Represent Cuba at Oscars, Goya Award

La película cubana "Sergio & Serguei" representará a Cuba en los Oscar y los Goya
HAVANA, Oct 3 (PL) The film Sergio & Serguei will represent Cuba at the Oscars in the United States; and Goya, in Spain, confirmed on Tuesday the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

The fiction film, directed by Ernesto Daranas, aspires to win a nomination in the category of Best Foreign Language Film, in the awards granted by the North American Film Academy.

It also intends to be a candidate for the Goya Awards of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, as the best Ibero-American film.

The film has recently won the Audience Award for the Best History of Central America and the Caribbean at the 7th Panama International Film Festival and the Best Screenplay Award at the Havana Film Festival in New York, USA.

In Spain, it won the Signis laureate and the Young Jury award for Best Film at the Malaga Film Festival, as well as the Audience Award at the Cinelatino Touluse Film Festival in France and the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Cuba.

In the words of its director, the film speaks of friendship, of what prevails beyond the political circumstances, and although it exposes a complex period of Cuban history, it approaches it with a certain nostalgic because it selected a girl as the narrator.

In this way, the director avoids the economic precariousness of the 1990s and the trauma caused by the disappearance of the Soviet Union for the Cuban adult generation of the time, leading the spectator to depression; on the contrary, he backs human values and optimism.

Thanks to the acting performance of Tomas Cao, Hector Noas, Mario Guerra, Yuliet Cruz, Ana Gloria Buduen, Armando Miguel Gomez, Camila Arteche and Ailin de la Caridad Rodriguez, and the script of Daranas, the viewer can identify with most of the characters.

The film features a special performance by American Ron Perlman in the role of a Jewish journalist living in New York, whose investigations reveal different forms of corruption in his government.

Peter’s role forms a triad with the Cuban Sergio and the Russian Serguei which will allow to solve one of the conflicts of the drama and to ponder friendship, solidarity and humanism, above any political belief or material need.

As well as acting in Sergio & Serguei, Perlman also became one of the producers of the film, which had its commercial premiere in Cuba this summer.