Cuban Equestrian Skill on Display at Auction Tonight

havana-live-Equestrian-SportsCoaches and presenters of the Royal Dutch horse jumpers that will be auctioned this weekend in this capital have extensive competition and training experience. The trainer of the Cuban National Riding Team, Carlos Alberto González, explained that many of his students will take the reins of the animals at the auction.
The Flora and Fauna Protection Agency has announced that 33 jumpers of the Dutch variety will be auctioned at the National Equestrian Center in Havana (Lenin Park) on February 15. These animals will be shown at auction tonight by experienced trainers and jockeys, many of them young members of the national equestrian team. Gonzalez has experience as an athlete and trainer since 1979, when he joined the national team riding for the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) at major competitions, including the Pan American-1991 and Central American Ponce-1993.
Furthermore, Gonzalez competed in the Espartaquiadas 1985 and 1989, and in Poland, and was a trainer for the Pentathlon team, among other activities. He said that the Cuban Riding Team is composed now of 12 jockeys around the age of 20, many with three-months of training in Holland and experience in Latin American events. Of those 12 jockeys, two are women.

(Prensa Latina)