Cuban customs warn to travel with packages for third parties

havana-live-customHAVANA, August 5  Cuban authorities warned today about some risks of taking packages for third parties, which generally in exchange of payment or compensation some passengers carry when entering the country, even at the risk of being involved in drug trafficking.

About the issue, officials from the General Custom House of the Republic of Cuba informed that about 69 cases of travelers were detected from January to May 2014. They brought package for third parties from South and North America, 19 of them were identified as drug trafficking.
According to article 11 of the Resolution 24 of 2007, where regulations for clearance and customs passengers’ control are established, individuals, as travelers, are not authorized to carry packages for other individuals or legal entities. If they do not comply with this regulation, the individual should assume the corresponding administrative or legal responsibility.
According to Granma newspaper, the main inspector of the Department of Analysis and a drug expert of the Customs, Daniel Noa, in some detected cases, the packages were received from acquaintances or acquaintances of relatives. Those individuals were attracted for messages posted in public places, where a sum of money offered to bring a certain amount of kilograms of luggage to Cuba.
Those people sometimes ignore the real content of what they carry, they are very naive, and are later involved in a legal process, Noa said. According to experts, the joint work with the Ministry of Interior and some grass-roots organizations have allowed the phenomenon does not flourish.