Cuban Customs charges thousands of dollars for each imported car

La Aduana de Cuba cobra miles de dólares por cada auto importado

HAVANA, December 19. Do you want to know how much Cuban Customs charges for importing cars to the island? We tell you.Maravana Cargo, a company founded three years ago by Cuban-American Alejandro Martínez, has explained on its social networks how payment is made for shipping vehicles from Miami to Cuba and what percentage of the income the company keeps.

This company has a license from the US Department of the Treasury to send packages, appliances and all types of cargo to Cuba.

According to information cited by 14 y Medio, although Customs charges for the importation of all cargo, the entry of cars represents the biggest business.

The Cuban Administration determines the amount on a case-by-case basis and, according to Martínez, the cost ranges between $20,000 and $56,000, depending on the model, year of manufacture and other variables that the businessman says he is unaware of.

Maravana keeps an average of $8,000 per exported vehicle, which covers transportation costs, insurance, paperwork, and the company’s profit.

The manager has assured in a video published on social networks that there is no fixed percentage that the Cuban Government requires for the shipment and that he does not know how Customs carries out the assessment.


Maravana charges between 6,000 and 9,000 dollars for concepts such as freight, insurance and lashing the car in the container. Subsequently, the documentation is presented to Cuban Customs, which provides the entry price in each case. Only vehicles less than five years old can be imported, excluding units manufactured before 2019.

Martínez emphasizes the importance of importing through an authorized company, such as Maravana Cargo, since doing so from other companies that operate from Panama or Mexico is very risky, because they do not have the permit that exempts them from the embargo measures. USA and can mean heavy fines and even prison sentences.

In response to a query made by an editor of the Cuban Directory to the Cuban Customs about the payment for the importation of vehicles, the entity responded that the importation of cars as a natural person is not allowed.

“These imports are made through accredited importing companies in the country,” they added. However, they did not provide specific details about the rate they charge for this service, claiming that “the importer gives all the information.”

Well, you know, according to an authorized company, Cuban Customs keeps between 20,000 and 56,000 dollars for each imported car.