Cuban crisis: even the pigeons emigrate to Miami

Cuban crisis: even the pigeons emigrate to Miami

HAVANA, Apr 30. A carrier pigeon from Cuba, with symptoms of exhaustion and very thin, was caught this Saturday in the Kendall area, in Miami-Dade County, Florida.Rubén Martínez published a series of videos in the Facebook group “La Paloma Emigrante”, from the moment it was captured until the bird showed signs of recovery.

The Cuban emigrant pigeon has a ring with the number 047233 and a green garter with 843 stamped on it.

Martínez pointed out that the league was already quite deteriorated, while the bird arrived “very thin.” Furthermore, he asked what part of Cuba the pigeon came from.

Among the comments, some people said he looked like he was from Guantánamo. Another user pointed out that from Matanzas.

However, there was no shortage of those who joked.

Yunile Padron said that Cuban pigeons “are taking a liking to the United States and Mexico. “They are not stupid.”

Another profile, with the name Roidy Creach, said: “She is not stupid, they have the pea for sure.”

Danny Nuñez fueled the debate by pointing out that the bird: “He came in search of parole too.”

Although science has not yet been able to determine why carrier pigeons can return home from wherever they are released, according to the news site La Vanguardia.

The media points out that a highly trained specimen of this species “is capable of overcoming distances of more than a thousand kilometers.”