Cuban consulate reaches the Dominican province of La Altagracia

Cuban consulate reaches the Dominican province of La Altagracia

 HAVANA, Feb. 10th, Feb 10 (PL) The consulate of Cuba in the Dominican Republic arrived in the province of La Altagracia, as a way to extend its services to the interior of the country and thus facilitate the procedures for Cuban residents.

During the itinerant consulate on Sunday, the consul general, Rainer García, spoke with Prensa Latina and explained that the initiative seeks several objectives, to bring services to Cubans residing in the country, exchange with them to update them on the situation on the island And know your problems.

Maintaining the exchange with the Cuban community is important because Havana will continue the natural and inevitable approach with its nationals abroad, at the will of its people and in the exercise of its self-determination, the official added.

In today’s session, Cuban diplomats carried out passport extensions and legalized documents, among other activities.

At the end of the consular day, Garcia talked with his countrymen and explained the situation in Cuba at a time when the United States worsened the blockade against the island and exemplified the various effects that occur daily as a result of that cruel economic siege.

He explained the need to unite us all in the fight against US aggression and called for the active use of social networks to express the repudiation of such measures that impede the advancement of his country and between the Cubans inside and outsiders continue to build the homeland.

Finally, he announced the work of the Máximo Gómez Association of Cubans residing in the Dominican Republic and how they prepare to participate in the Fourth La Nación y Emigración Conference, which will take place on April 8 to 10, 2020 in Havana.