Cuban casino mega-wheel returns to rehearse for Guinness Record

Vuelve megarueda de casino cubana a ensayar para Récord Guinnes

HAVANA, Dec. 24  The International Project “Retaking the Son Bailando Casino”, candidate for Guinness Record 2024, had its fourth mega-rehearsal today in the Red Square of the 10 de Octubre municipality, of this capital.

The great dance circle, led by its founder Luis Llamo Castillo, also production director of the Musical Recordings and Editions Company, opts for next year’s Guinness and will try to surpass Venezuela, winner last year.

To win the title, Cuba will have to reach a number of participants of more than 1,595 dancers and thus take the record.

Considered the Ambassador of Son, Llamo Castillo invites everyone to consult the tutorial of the largest Casino wheel in the world, which can be found on the YouTube channel “Retomando el son Bailando Casino”.

There will be more than eight minutes of music, starting with the Cuban key, “and the casino is such a universal rhythm that even in China they want to dance to it,” expressed its founder Llamo Castillo, in previous statements to Prensa Latina.

As a result of the 2022 Guinness Record, the dream arose of inserting Cuba into the impressive mark previously achieved by countries such as Greece, in 2014, and Tenerife, Spain, in 2019.

Cuba is the mother of the casino dance, said the specialist on that occasion, that is why we decided to launch with this proposal.

This dance emerged last century, in 1956, in the beach casino, it emerged from the spontaneity of the people themselves, where no one is the leader because it comes as an evolution of the contradanza to the present times.

Llamo Castillo also pointed out that they returned to the “Retaking the Son” initiative, to keep the values and identity of the nation alive.

The great official event will take place on May 5 of next year in celebration of the 8th of that month, declared National Son Day.