Cuban bartenders will participate in international competition

Cuban bartenders will participate in international competition

HAVANA, February 10. Cuban bartenders will go to Athens, the capital of Greece, to participate on March 8 and 9 in the first international cocktail competition women under the name “BarLady”, which is taking place for the first time in the world.

Eddis Naranjo Carrillo, president of the Association of Bartenders of Cuba (ACC), informed the Excelencias Group that on this occasion the Greater Antilles will be represented in that contest by Kenia Borges Broton, a member of the Varadero Base Body and extensive experience. in the creation and preparation of cocktails.

The manager stressed that this Cuban barwoman has an impressive record in competitive competitions of the union and took third place in the last XIX National Cocktail Championship Fabio Delgado in Memoriam, held in the halls of the Tulipán hotel, in Havana.

Naranjo Carrillo announced that she will have the pleasure of accompanying the young Matanzas bartender from Matanzas to the innovative women’s event in Greece, who currently works at the Brisas bar of the Meliá Internacional Hotel in Varadero, and has the necessary skills to obtain an award.

In 2017, the women’s cocktail competition “Sabor a mujer” was held in Havana, an initiative that promotes the participation of new bartenders or those in training, to encourage and recognize the role of women within this area of ​​restaurants.

Two years earlier, in September 2015, Yuleidys Sánchez Duardo, bartender at the capital’s snack bar and restaurant ¡Waoo! won first place in the VIII Fabio Delgado in Memoriam Cocktail Competition in Havana, held in the “Arcos de Cristal” Hall, in the legendary Tropicana Cabaret.

In January of that year, Sánchez Duardo represented the Caribbean Island in the IV edition of the Beefeater Global Bartender Competition – drinks with gin -, which took place in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, with the participation of bartenders from all continents.

Also, around twenty women bartenders participated in the “Gloria María Pomares Haros” National Women’s Cocktail Competition, which was held on March 31 of the same year, at the Círculo Social Obrero (CSO) Otto Parellada, in the capital city.

According to what was revealed in that event, that forum took the name of Gloria María Pomares Haros, in recognition of that prestigious Cuban bartender who was one of the first to break the barrier created regarding the role of women as bar professionals.

Considered the first bartender on the Caribbean island, Pomares Haros began practicing the profession in 1982 and spent much of her working life in bars at different hotel facilities in Cayo Largo del Sur, located in the Canarreos Archipelago, and is part of the Isla de la Juventud municipality.

Born on April 19, 1930, in San Fernando de Camarones, in Cienfuegos, she moved to the capital in the 1970s, where she graduated as a gastronomic clerk, and in 1981, she was approved to go to work in the Tourist Pole of Cayo Largo del Sur, where she works as a culinary assistant at the Los canarreos restaurant at the Hotel Isla del Sur.

She became interested in learning the bar trade and on November 12, 1982, she was granted special permission to practice the profession of empirical bartender in the international bars Nautilus and Medusa, of the aforementioned hotel, where she worked until 1997.

Likewise, Yindra Susana Vázquez La O from Santiago was the first woman in the history of Cuban cocktails to represent the Caribbean Island in a world bartender championship, a forum organized by the International Bartenders Association (IBA). , in Prague, Czech Republic, from August 16 to 22, 2013.