Cuban Art News Update Pogolotti in Havana

 Cuban Art News Update Pogolotti in Havana

Marcelo Pogolotti, El intelectual (Joven intelectual), 1937 Courtesy Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba

HAVANA, march 28th Pogolotti in Havana. At the Museo Nacional de Bellas ArtesMarcelo Pogolotti: Vaguardia, Ideología, Sociedad pays tribute to the Cuban artist and intellectual on the 30th anniversary of his death.

Curated by Roberto Cobas Amate, the show features some 40 paintings and drawings. A second exhibition at the MNBA, Marcelo Pogolotti, del pincel a la pluma (From Paintbrush to Pen), curated by Israel Castellanos, focuses on Pogolotti’s written output.

The show includes art and literary works, along with a selection of letters, articles, and essays, manuscripts of his radio conversations, and media presentations about his art. Both exhibitions run through May 21.

And Leandro Soto. Earlier this month, ’80s Generation artist Leandro Soto opened Crónicas visuales at the Museo Nacional, his first exhibition in Havana in more than 15 years. Some 30 paintings, drawings, installations, handmade books, and other works trace Soto’s explorations of religions, beliefs, and cosmologies across cultures. On view through May 14.

Cuban Art News Update Pogolotti in Havana

Leandro Soto, Todos los juguetes para Elegguá and Elegguá más allá de la contradicción, 2012 Photo: Ana León, courtesy Cubanet

Martínez at Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura. Last Friday saw the opening of ”Abril es el mes más cruel”…, an exhibition of recent work by Yornel Martínez. The pieces on view were selected to reflect such themes as “my favorite writers, “impressions of Asia,” “When I read Ludwig Wittgenstein,” and “Voyeur.”

Tomorrow, Fonseca and García at Factoría Habana. Opening tomorrow, March 29, Viaje a la semilla brings the art of Diana Fonseca and Aimée García to the exhibition space on O’Reilly Street. Taking its title from a short story by Alejo Carpentier, the exhibition concludes the recent cycle of shows at Factoría Habana that have explored individual and collective identity, starting with El Silencio de Duchamp in 2016. The reception begins at 8 p.m. tomorrow evening.

Cuban Art News Update Pogolotti in Havana

Courtesy Factoría Habana

Villalobos at Galería Taller Gorría. Opening last week at Galería Taller GorríaYo, en un plano del demonios traces the art of Nelson Villalobos (b. Cienfuegos, 1956) and its development through the crucial decade of 1982–1991. Curated by Guillermo C. Pérez Veranes and Pablo Villalobos Leal, the exhibition includes sculpture, oil paintings, and drawings on such themes as the city, sensuality, portraiture, and “la ironía y la muerte.”