Cuban and British Officials Put Last Touches on FitCuba 2018

Cuban and British Officials Put Last Touches on FitCuba 2018Havana, Mar 30 (PL) Cuban and British officials put the last touches on Santa Maria Key (north-central coastline) to the International Tourism Fair (FitCuba 2018), which will have as guest of honor the United Kingdom.
As part of the organization check-ups there is a meeting in #CayoSantaMaria with British diplomats of the Embassy in Havana, attending to the details related to the country guest of honor to the event, informs in the social network Facebook, Janet Ayala, director of Communication of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism.The #SercotelExperienceCayoSantaMaría recently inaugurated welcomes us with a careful service, she stresses.

Ayala also highlights the tour made by the new hotel La Salinas Plaza & SPA opening today and the Iberostar Ensenachos.

Also, it shares labels such as #CubaTravel and #CubaDestinoSeguro, together with images of the tour of the facilities.

From May 2 thru 6 will be open the 38th edition of FitCuba, dedicated to the promotion of the sun-beach product.

The Fair is considered the most important event of the smokeless industry in the Caribbean island which has positioned through this event to position the country worldwide as tourism destination.

Key Santa Maria is an island of 21.4 square kilometers (63.8 percent of it is emerged land and the rest marshes and swamps with mangle forests).

It is internationally known for its natural environment and the existence of of numerous high-standard hotels. Together with its similar Ensenachos, Las Brujas, Frances and Cobos, among many others (about 500), it is part of the isle subsystem of Cayos de la Herradura (Horseshoe Keys) of which Santa Maria is the most important biologically and in surface.

It is connected to the island of Cuba together with Las Brujas, Ensenachos, Maja and Español de Adentro in the surroundings of Caibarien by a stone road 48 kilometers long.