Cuban alligator picture wins international prize

Cuban alligator picture wins international prize

HAVANA, Nov. 3th Tanya Houppermans was the great winner of the Mangrove Photographic prime this year with her first foreground of an alligator surrounded by mangroves in the Cuban archipelago Jardines de la Reina.In the Eight years, this contest organized by Mangrove Action Project has as its objective to show the relationship between the wildlife, coastal community, and mangrove woods.

Besides, they seek the fragility of this unique ecosystem so much under and on the water.

The Jardines de la Reina is an archipelago in front of the Cuban coast and is a protected place since 1996.

Is one of the marine ecosystems more virgin in the world?

¨The healthy population of alligators must be to the pristine condition of the mangroves and I want to catch the close-ups of this giant gentile in his natural habitat¨assured Houppermans, the winner.

¨I hope this picture succeeds in showing that it is critical to protect areas like this¨

The mangroves represent an important protection against climate change: 4.000 m2 of mangrove woods absorb almost the same amount of carbon dioxide as 4.000 m2 of the amazon jungle.

¨The mangrove’s photography prizes become a platform to intrigue the people about the magnificent ecologic paper that role played by mangroves in our lives¨  Dhritiman Mukherjee judge.