The Cuban adventure of Fleur Darkin

The Cuban adventure of Fleur DarkinHAVANA, 12 Nov The Cuban adventure of the British Fleur Darkin (one of the most recognized figures of the choreographic “new wave” of her country) began a few months ago, when she arrived in Havana to ride with Contemporary Dancing of Cuba (DCC), as part of the Ilands Creativas program, which the company led by Miguel Iglesias maintains three years ago with the British Council.

In the halls of the National Theater (“laboratory” of so many classics of the national choreography) Equilux was created, the work that premiered this weekend at the Mella theater. One more piece for the vast repertoire of the mother group of modern dance in Cuba.

The dancers of DCC have the privilege (and also the challenge) to work with choreographers of dissimilar origins and stylistic conceptions. “There are different ways of taking the body,” says Thais Suárez, one of the emblematic dancers of the training.

With Fleur we discover new potentialities. It was a very interesting job. “The Cuban adventure of Fleur Darkin

The choreographer looks satisfied with the experience: “They are extraordinary, unique dancers. It is incredible the intelligence that they demonstrate, in two senses: mental facility to capture the essences of a new movement and ability to concretize it with their bodies.
It has been a constant challenge for me. “

Thanks to this collaboration between DCC and the British Council, outstanding choreographers have passed through Havana. Cuba and Great Britain, distant and different nations, have long shared a common history in the field of dance. Hopefully, new chapters will be written.