HAVANA, Sept. 30 Las Friday, in the panel “En Diálogo”, which is sponsored by the magazine Espacio Laical at the Cultural Center Padre Félix Varela, located in Old Havana, …

several activists gathered to discuss the Animal Protection Law that citizens have been demanding in Cuba for a long time and that has not been approved by the Government.

Beatriz Batista, a young activist against animal abuse, participated as a moderator of the meeting and recalled each case of abuse against cats, dogs, horses, and other animals, which have been reported in the country in recent times.

“TODAY WE SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE VOICE,” said the activist on her Facebook account.

They mentioned, among others, the case of the horse that collapsed in a street in Camagüey “for lack of fuel and humanity.”

There was also talk of “dogs tortured and sexually abused by Rubén Marrero Pernas, a citizen of the San Miguel municipality” and the “puppy crushed by the garbage truck in Camagüey”.

It was also recalled the abusive conditions that support “dogs of breeds that sell in the Parque Cristo in Old Havana.”

Batista also said that she was denied entry into the official Cuban Association of Animal and Plant Protection (ANIPLANT), the only legal entity in the country dedicated to the issue of animal protection.

Sergio Boris Concepción, a member of the Cuban group in Defense of Animals (CEDA) and panelist on Friday, highlighted the complexities that activists must face to develop an independent project on the Island.

He highlighted the lack of state support and the lack of resources among the main inconveniences for his work.

He exemplified that Customs has confiscated material for sterilization and vaccination campaigns, medications and other resources that have been sent to them from abroad.

Other activists present also denounced the procedures implemented by Zoonosis for the slaughter of dogs.

Among them, the use of strychnine to sacrifice stray dogs, a substance criticized by the European Union and other instances worldwide for inducing a painful and prolonged death.

Cubans have been asking the Government for a long time to pass an Animal Protection Law, without paying attention to citizen demands. Consequently, to date, animal abuse in the country goes unpunished regardless of the seriousness of the matter.