Cuba Will Organize the Terry Fox Race next Saturday

Cuba Will Organize the Terry Fox Race next SaturdayHAVANA, Mar 13 (PL) Cuba will organize the Terry Fox Race on Saturday at the same time throughout the country , revealed today Carlos Gattorno, director of the Marabana-Maracuba project.

According to Gattorno, the trekking race will be participatory so no categories will be announced nor will there be awards and once again, the Radio Reloj radio station will take the start.

All routes will have a maximum of three kilometers and there is a less distance program, for those whose level of preparation does not allow them to cover the journey.

According to the manager, in all cases the intention of the organizers is that all participants can enter the goal.

In the Terry Fox 2018 walking race, as it is traditional, people in wheelchairs, skates, skateboards can attend and they can be incorporated at any point of the route and enter the line of judgment without distinction between one and the other.

Gattorno clarified that in Havana, the first route will have the start and finish in front of the capital, Kid Chocolate, and will cover the Prado Avenue and Neptuno, Galiano and San Lázaro streets.

The second track will be through Prado to where each participant can individually join those who have made the longest distance and enter the goal all together without distinction of sex or age.

Currently, the Marathon of Hope or Terry Fox Race organized in Cuba represents the largest participation outside of Canada and the only one that takes place simultaneously on a global level, which has motivated the recognition of the leadership of the Terry Fox Foundation and the Canadian government on several occasions.

The event pays tribute to the memory of the young Canadian Terry Fox, who made a great sacrifice to raise funds in search of a cure against cancer, which blinded his life with just 22 years.

Fox suffered the amputation of his right leg six inches above the knee, at 18 years of age, and with a prosthesis ran 42 kilometers for 143 consecutive days.