Cuba will increase tobacco plantation in Vinales area

 Cuba will increase tobacco plantation in Vinales areaHAVANA, Jul 10 (PL) Considered the greatest tobacco producing region in the country, this western Cuban province will increase 700 hectares for the crop of the solanaceous leaf in the coming campaign, and the initial plantings are scheduled for October.

The total number of hectares to be covered has amounted to 18,704, according to Virginio Morales, a territorial agricultural expert at the Tabacuba company, so works to improve soil with the use of organic matter and other elements that seek to raise yields by area, are being undertaken.

The territory will have 68 tunnels with an irrigation system to guarantee the plantlets demanded by the cultivation protected with cloth, contributing the layer that covers the tobacco plants.

The expert stated that these facilities protect the posture facing a possible inclemency of the weather, guarantee a greater survival in the fields, raise the quality and number of plants per area and humanize the work of men.

Once the tobacco activity is completed, the tunnels will be used for the production of leafy vegetables to supply the population, given the effectiveness of that technology.

According to the scheduled plan, the so-called watering of seedbeds will begin in August and will also cover 1,200 hectares with traditional flowerbeds, responsible for responding to the demands of the sun tobacco.