Cuba wants to break the Guinness Record with a casino wheel

Giant Wheel of Casino heading for the Guinness Record

HAVANA, September 28. Cuba is preparing a large casino wheel with the aim of obtaining the Guinness Record in 2024, for which it will have to surpass Venezuela with more than 1,595 participants.The International Project “Retaking the Son Bailando Casino” met this Wednesday at the Fresa y Chocolate Cultural Center to report on the details of the third mega-rehearsal, as reported by the CubaSí portal.

This general rehearsal was called for Saturday, September 30, at 6:00 p.m., in La Piragua, and has the support of several state institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, the National Council of Houses of Culture and the municipal government. Revolution Square.

On the other hand, a call was also made to all dancers to consult the tutorial of the largest casino wheel in the world that is available on the YouTube channel “Retomando el Son Bailando Casino”, through which they can be informed about the details that will allow us to try to beat the current Venezuelan record.

According to the aforementioned Cuban state media, Luis Llamo Castillo, president of the project that is sponsored by the Municipal Directorate of Culture of Plaza de la Revolución, reported that there will be more than eight minutes of music, starting with the Cuban key, which will allow attendees join this casino wheel, with “a rhythm so universal that even in China they want to dance to it.”

The idea of inserting Cuba in the search for this world record arose as a result of the Guinness Record of 2022, also because the island is “the mother of the casino dance,” Llamo Castillo said proudly.

The official event will take place on May 5 of next year in celebration of the National Cuban Son Day, which is celebrated on the 8th of that same month.

In May 2022, the aforementioned international project also celebrated this date with a first test of the casino wheel, with which it attempts to reach the record also held by other countries such as Greece, in 2014, and Spain, in 2019.