Cuba Travel Services First U.S. Travel Company to Open Offices in Havana

Cuba Travel Services First U.S. Travel Company to Open Offices in CubaHAVANA, Feb. 27th Cuba Travel Services, the leading charter and tour operator serving the destination with offices in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas, announced today the upcoming opening of their Havana location on March 31st.

It is considered a significant event as this is the first time a U.S. based travel company is awarded permission to operate in Cuba in over 60 years. Services provided by the California based company in Havana will include:

Cuba Travel Services Opens Office in Cuba
Flight ticket sales
Customer support
Hotel reservations
Tour operation support
Car rentals
Programmed packages
Cruise Support Services
Advisory Services

Opening a new office in Havana will allow Cuba Travel Services to monitor its operations more closely and better assist their clients while in the country. Additionally, CTS will be better positioned to ensure their cruise and tour operator clients continue to offer OFAC compliant programs.

Cuba Travel Services will open its first office in the historic Lonja Del Comercio building located in Plaza de San Francisco just across from the Sierra Maestra cruise terminal and has plans to open additional locations in Havana, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Varadero and Santiago de Cuba.

“Having the Ministry of Tourism grant this request to have a location in Cuba has been a big win for our organization. Our physical presence means our licensed clients will get faster service and more personalized attention directly from our staff,” said Michael Zuccato, General Manager at Cuba Travel Services.

“This is a very exciting time for us, to be the first U.S. based Travel Company to open its doors in Havana. We are confident our existing market expertise and knowledge combined with local representation, will result in an improved customer experience.”

For questions about the travel to Cuba or to book your next flight, hotel, activity or transfer visit us online at or call 800-963-CUBA (2822).

About Cuba Travel Services

With nearly 20 years of experience providing services to authorized companies, groups and individuals, Cuba Travel Services is the leading travel company serving the destination from the United States.

They offer real-time hotel, flight and excursion bookings, transportation, OFAC compliant tour programming and a variety of other turnkey travel solutions. They also serve as key advisors to airlines, cruise companies, tour operators and other businesses entering the Cuba market.

Headquartered in California, Cuba Travel Services currently maintains offices in Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida. The company provides specialty travel services including charter flights, private aviation services, visa processing, OFAC call center support services, cruise and yachting programs, shipments of authorized cargo and other logistical and travel support services.