Cuba to launch digital vaccination card on Valentines Day

Cuba to launch digital vaccination card on Valentines Day

HAVANA, Feb. 14th According to the Cuban government’s Temporary Working Group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pandemic and the Minister of Public Health,

José Ángel Portal Miranda, a virtual COVID-19 certificate will be launched this Monday, February 14.

Prior to the launch, visitors to Cuba who required a PCR test before leaving Cuba received the results in a printed format only.

The printed form has led to some concerns, especially, fraud, which the Cayman Islands’ authorities recently noted in the case of one person who travelled from Cuba to Cayman and falsified COVID-19 related documentation.

The digital card being launched on Valentines Day will hopefully increase the level of authenticity of the Cuban COVID-19 test results and alleviate some concerns, especially, internationally.

In relation to the virtual card, users will be able to download the document to their cell phones and show a digital copy to the relevant party.

Cuban authorities said that, in order to learn more about this service, which is in its initial stages, and to obtain COVID-19 statistics on Cuba, members of the public may visit the website of the Cuban authorities at