Cuba to introduce modern, more secure ID cards

havana-live-id-cardHAVANA, 17 October (EFE) Cuba will gradually introduce a more modern, durable and secure ID card starting Oct. 29, the island’s media reported, citing government officials.

The new ID cards, which are to be made of polycarbonate, a plastic-like material, will be similar to a magnetic stripe card and their dimensions will be in keeping with international standards, Interior Ministry authorities said.
The new cards will be more durable and reduce the possibility of identity theft, while also allowing “administrative processes to be conducted with greater integration and speed as the country progresses toward an information society,” Communist Party daily Granma said.

The new cards will leverage the latest technologies and feature, among other elements, biometric data, a hologram overlay, a digital signature and photograph, security patterns and a machine readable zone.
The Interior Ministry said that in the coming years the ID card may contain voice prints, iris scans and DNA data, “all of which will result in an ID document that is more reliable and difficult to falsify,” the official daily Juventud Rebelde reported.
The cost of the new cards will be 25 Cuban ordinary pesos (approximately $1). Current Cuban ID documents, which will not have to be renewed immediately if they are in good condition, are handwritten and in the form of a booklet or laminated card.