Cuba to demand negative PCR from international travelers

Cuba to demand negative PCR from international travelers

HAVANA, Dec 24  As of January 2021, Cuba will demand international travellers arriving in the country to produce a negative PCR test conducted by a laboratory certified in the country of origin.

According to an instruction posted on the website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the PCR test must be done 72 hours before arrival in Cuban territory.

The decision is due to the increase in Covid-19 cases with a source of contagion abroad, especially after the reopening of Cuban airports in mid-October and Havana’s terminal a month later.

With over 1,000 active cases, Cuba currently has the most complex epidemiological situation since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country nine months ago.

According to the dean of the Mathematics and Computing Faculty at the University of Havana, Raul Guinovart, conditions exist for a mounting trend in the next few days due to the arrivals of more visitors in the country.

On Wednesday, the Cuban Aviation Corporation LLC reinforced health and hygiene measures against Covid-19 and urged the population to reduce visits to airports.