Cuba stray animals need a shelter, please help !

Cuba stray animals need a shelter, please help !HAVANA, Dec. 16th There are a lot of stray animals in Cuba,sick,starving,injured etc. The sadness is kind of the dogs whether they have owned or not, if they are in the street the  will caught them.

The animals are caught by the hind leg and tossed in a metal trap,they fall into a metal bin all together,female and males. Zoonosis center kept them between 48hrs to 72 hrs,there are not fed,many die from starvation,disease ,attacked by others dogs.

Sadly after 72 hrs they are killed by using strychnine, that is a horrible death.CEDA, (Cubanos en defensa de los animales) in Havana are doing great with animals,but they need a shelter in order to help them better,because they depends if someone wants to keep the injured animal in their house and many time CEDA can’t find a voluntary.

It’s to sad to see animals in Need in the street and not be able to help them. This is why it is extremely necessary to have some animals shelters, because animals deserve a better life.

Don’t you think?