Cuba install Solar Panels in faraway communities

Cuba install Solar Panels in faraway communitiesHAVANA, July 19th (PL) Cuban authorities are working to solve the country’s energy needs by installing solar panels, above all in faraway communities nationwide.

An official report quoted by the Cuban News Agency (ACN) mentions as an example the community of Guagua, in the municipality of Quemado de Güines, in central Villa Clara province.

The report notes that in that community, local residents are the first on the territory to have electric power generated by the sun, after the inauguration of a park of photovoltaic panels.

In the next three years, 12 other such parks must be established in several towns, and educational and production centers.

The plans include the settlement of La Criolla, in the municipality of Santo Domingo, as well as the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas and the mini-industry of the agricultural company Valle del Yabu, among others.

In that regard, Carlos Vergara, an expert in this kind of project, explained that this month, the first tests will be made to start up operations at the facility in  Guagua.

The electric energy generated by this park accounts for the consumption of 2,200 houses, and in case of extreme weather situations, the panels can be dismounted rapidly to preserve them.

He added that the park has an installed generation capacity of 2.2 megawatts (mw) and can generate about 3,376 mw as an average in a year.

Vergara noted that diesel saving is significant, as it amounts to 877 tons a year in that community alone.

Studies show that Cuba receives an average solar radiation of more than 1,800 kilowatts in a year, so the country has great potential to develop that kind of energy.

Those investments are expensive, but they can be recovered in a decade and have a useful life of 25 years, experts say.

Solar energy in Cuba is mainly used in faraway places where conventional power lines cannot reach.