Cuba sees highest average annual temperature since 1951

Cuba sees highest average annual temperature since 1951
Havana, Jan 7 (PL) Cuba’s average annual temperature in 2019 was the highest since 1951, reaching 1.1 degrees Celsius above the average for the period 1961-1990,

reported the Institute for Meteorology today. Last year was extremely hot, with positive anomalies in all months, particularly in February, April, May, June, and October.

According to specialists at the Weather Center of the Institute of Meteorology, the hottest months were June, July, August, and September, with average temperatures above 28 degrees.

In their assessment, they propose that the behavior of 2019 further demonstrates the tendency towards an increase in temperature in Cuba, since the decade that just ended was the warmest since records began. Thirty-three absolute maximum temperature records were reported, the most notable being the 39.1 degrees Celsius record of Veguitas, in the eastern province of Granma.

A report published by Cubadebate explains that the monthly absolute maximum record was also broken in Punta del Este, Isle of Youth, in February, June, August, September, and October.