Cuba seeks to resolve the energy crisis, aggravated by the US blockade

Cuba seeks to resolve the energy crisis, aggravated by the US blockade

HAVANA, Sept. 10th Cuba is experiencing a tense situation regarding the supply of electricity in various parts of the country after an unforeseen breakdown in plants caused a new crisis.

Repairs are expected to take about 4 days and power outages have already been announced during that period. Interruptions will be scheduled and announced in advance.

A call has also been made to both the residential and state sectors to increase consumption saving measures.

Looking for an immediate solution

This Thursday, a meeting was held between the country’s prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández, and the authorities responsible for the supply of electricity on the island.

The objective was to seek immediate solutions to this situation and take advantage of available resources, while the prime minister emphasized the need to innovate in this sector.

“We know about the complexity, but we have to give everything to try to find alternative solutions and try to incorporate into the generation as much as possible to reduce the impact on the population, “said Marrero Cruz.

The effects of the blockade

Within this situation, an important point, according to the authorities, is the crisis faced by thermoelectric plants, responsible for the greater generation capacity. Many of them have not been able to meet maintenance deadlines.

More than a dozen plants are outside this circuit, which means that they cannot operate at their full capacity and cause unforeseen damages and breaks.

For the authorities, the US blockade plays a fundamental role in this situation, since it has prevented the obtaining of necessary credits for maintenance and supplies, also causing problems with suppliers.

Prioritize healthcare

To all this, the issue of the pandemic is added, since the Government’s decision is to prioritize the supply of energy in the circuits where there are hospitals and isolation centers.

It should be remembered that it is an extremely sensitive issue, which was taken advantage of by the organizers of the past demonstrations, which took place on July 11 and 12 during a previous crisis in the power supply that caused blackouts and cuts of more than 10 hours in the entire national territory. (