Cuba and Risen Energy construct a 3.9 MW solar PV station

HAVANA, Sept. 19th (prnewswire) Recently, Risen Energy announced that they won the bidding for assisting Cuba in the construction of a 3.9 MW solar PV project.

The company will provide a set of high-quality elements, including 260W high-efficiencypolycrystalline modules, aluminum alloy frames, matching junction boxes, solar sealants and other products needed for the solar PV station.

This is the first time which Risen Energy is supplying products for the Cuban solar PV market. However, this step will certainly have a positive effect on the cooperation between China and Cuba in the area of renewable energy and will help develop further the relations between the two countries.

According to the agreement, Risen Energy will provide solar PV modules and related materials to the Cuban side. To facilitate the safe installation of modules and make sure they will function properly, Risen Energy, as always, has adhered to strict quality standards and has supplied products with guarantee for high quality for the creation of this project and for the financial benefit of local people.

“The potential of the renewable energy market shows us renewable energy, and more specifically the solar industry, has become the biggest priority in the policies for energy optimization and renewable energy promotion initiated by the Cuban government.”