Cuba reported 14 perceptible earthquakes in 2023

Earthquake triggers tsunami warning for Cuba, Jamaica and Caymans

HAVANA, Jan 10 (ACN)  Cuban Seismological Research Center (Cenais by its Spanish acronym), an entity belonging to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, reported that in 2023 there were 14 perceptible earthquakes in the national territory.

According to the institution, five of the events were associated with the Oriente fault, located southeast of Cuba, the main seismic-generating structure that coincides with the limit between the North American and Caribbean plates.

The areas located to the northwest of the eastern province of Las Tunas, as well as in the region of Moa and its surroundings, reported five related events, it added, and that four epicenters were located in Haiti (2), Jamaica (1) and Honduras (1).

In all these cases, the maximum intensity felt in Cuba was III on the EMS/98 scale, with no reports of material damage or damage to human or animal health, Cenais stated.

During the last two years, there has been an unusual seismic activity north of Las Tunas, where 1,025 events of low magnitude have been registered, so it is under observation and data are being collected for better characterization, it stressed.

This seismic activity could be linked to different fault systems found north of Cuba and Hispaniola, in the southern part of the Bahamas, the report concluded.