Cuba Remembers Jose Marti in His 165th Birthday

HAVANA, Jan 28 (PL) Cuba remembers today the 165th anniversary of the birth of its National Hero, José Martí, for the validity of its independence, Latin Americanist and integration ideology.

In the last hours of this Saturday, the traditional March of the Torches took place in Havana, led by the Cuban president, Raúl Castro, along with other government authorities.

During the pilgrimage, thousands of students of various levels of education, youth and people in general paraded in a show of fidelity to the ideas of the Apostle and in homage to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Under the slogan ‘With the Light of His Ideas’, the walk started from the steps of the University of Havana to the Fragua Martiana, site where the old Quarries of San Lazaro were and Martí suffered imprisonment at the age of 16.

On the occasion of the anniversary, this Sunday will be officially inaugurated a replica of the statue of the American sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington in the Park March 13, Havana.

This day will also conclude the First International Meeting of Young Martians, in which representatives from Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mozambique, Syria and Palestine reaffirm their commitment to the Martian legacy.

The event was attended by researchers, including doctors Luis Toledo Sande, Francisca López Civeira and Elier Ramírez Cañedo, and the adviser of the Office of the Martiano Program, Jorge Lozano Ros.