Cuba regulates import of foods of animal origin

Cuba regulates import of foods of animal origin

HAVANA, Jan. 17th. The provisions are intended to prevent the entry into the country of biological agents that cause harmful diseases to domestic animals,

wildlife and humans reported the Granma newspaper.

These measures are legally protected by Decree Law 137 of 1993 on Veterinary Medicine, and Resolution 537 of 2020 of the Minister of Agriculture Regulations of Decree Law 137 on Veterinary Medicine, published in the country’s Official Gazette.

The prohibition of the entry of unpasteurized dairy products, and meat that is not vacuum packed or that comes from wildlife is included in the document.

Commercial food imports are subject to requirements and procedures supported by health, commercial and legal regulations, which are duly harmonized between the countries’ authorities, importing, exporting and supplier companies.

The above seeks to ensure the quality and safety of food and facilitate the trade of safe merchandise.

However, the source clarifies that this does not happen when it comes to travelers or natural persons.

The special regulations include a series of products whose importation is favored, taking into account the current animal health situation of the countries from which they come and the agreements between the official veterinary services of both parties.

In addition, it specifies that these facilities and the list of eligible countries could be modified to changes in the animal health situation where the food is produced.

On the other hand, it warns that products whose packaging suffers any breakage or deterioration, which could become vehicles for disease-causing agents, will be confiscated and incinerated.