Cuba registers the most worrying energy deficit of the year

Cuba registers the most worrying energy deficit of the year

HAVANA, March 9. After a delay in today’s information note, the state-run Unión Eléctrica de Cuba this morning offered the most worrying figures so far this year:a maximum impact of 1,367 megawatts on Thursday, which did not coincide with peak hour, and a more serious forecast for this Friday, which would rise to 1,416 megawatts.

The Electrical Union states that the service due to a deficit in generation capacity was affected from 04:49 in the morning on Thursday, without being able to be restored in the early hours of this Friday, when an impact during the day of 1,300 megawatts is estimated.

Out of service due to breakdowns today are units 1 and 3 of the Santa Cruz thermoelectric plant, 4 of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and 2 of the Felton.

This Friday, unit 8 of the Mariel thermoelectric plant, the Guiteras energy block and unit 6 of Nuevitas are undergoing maintenance, also outside the National Electrical System.

Another 79 distributed generation plants, the Moa fuel plant and the Santiago de Cuba plant are also out of service, but all of these effects are due to the lack of fuel, according to the Electrical Union, which also reports 15 plants with low coverage.

Blackouts reach Havana, but inside it is still worse, Cubans complain

The report “Cuba Collapses and Also Goes Out,” published this week by the Cuba Siglo XXI Ideas Laboratory, emphasizes the impossibility of solving the energy problem in Cuba.

Emilio Morales, president of Havana Consulting Group, told Martí Noticias that “in the way the country is structured, the country’s economy, the management of investments and everything else, under these current conditions, it will be impossible to transform “The Cuban energy matrix is collapsed.”

For his part, Jorge Piñón, a Petroleum Expert from the University of Texas, also interviewed by Martí Noticias, pointed out that “the eight thermoelectric plants, which have been in operation for more than forty years, need constant maintenance and require capital investments that they have not had.”

  energy deficit

Cuba registers the most worrying energy deficit of the year

According to the report, the regime’s plans to have 37% of its basic energy generation capacity in renewable energy “is a mirage and a fantasy since the Cuban problem is structural.”

“We are one hundred percent supporting renewables in Cuba, but they have projects like the Biomass project of the Ciro Redondo Central that is invested, stopped, after investing 186 million dollars to produce 65 MG and is not operating, why? “Because there is no sugar!” said the expert.

Morales recalled that Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel said last year “that in December the blackouts would end.”

“What we are seeing is a worsening of the critical situation that the Cuban energy system has and the blackouts are going to come left and right because they do not have money to buy oil, they do not have money, not to change the plants, to repair them! “They don’t have money.”