Cuba recorded temperatures below 10 °C this morning

HAVANA, Jan 4. In the early hours of this Wednesday, localities in the interior of western and central Cuba registered values ​​below 10 degrees Celsius (°C), the Institute of Meteorology (Insmet) reported today. The most significant values were reported in Bainoa, province of Mayabeque, with 8.5 °C, also in Santo Domingo and Colón, belonging to Villa Clara and Matanzas respectively, where the thermometers marked 9.8 °C, according to the Perspectivas del Tiempo report, from the Center of Insmet Forecasts.

In the rest of the western and central regions, minimum temperatures were between 12 and 15 °C.

Such values correspond to the influence of high migratory pressures, which maintain a very cold air mass over the national territory, the text added.

This situation, together with the weakness of the winds in the early morning and the nocturnal irradiation, causes temperatures to be cold in the early hours of the day.

Regarding rainfall, the presence of precipitation in the country continues to be limited due to the influence of a low moisture content in the lower and middle layers.

The early morning of this Tuesday, January 2, also reported low-temperature values, with records at nine meteorological stations between seven and 10 °C; in Bainoa, Mayabeque, a minimum of 7.4 °C was reported.