Cuba received almost 700 million USD from South African for weapons repair

Cuba recibió casi 700 millones de dólares de Sudáfrica por reparación de armamento

HAVANA, May 24 Cuba received almost USD 700 million from the South African Department of Defense and Military Veterans (DDMV) for repairing military equipment,

according to a complaint on its News 24 website. Thanks to the Thusano project, the Island received some 714,121,460 dollars, which represents one billion South African Rand.

When the scandalous figure was made public and given the alleged liquidity problems of the Defense Department of the African country, many once again questioned relations with Cuba.

Kobus Marais, South African Defense spokesman, said he did not understand the reasons why the Government of Cuba was hired for a job that local contractors can do for a lower price. “The local defence industry is caught in a spiral of death and job loss,” he said.


Faced with a repeated situation, the same question arises: Why does South Africa hire Cuban professionals? This is another sign of disagreement about how business is handled between Cuba and South Africa.
In these days, the hiring by the African National Congress (ANC) of 24 Cuban engineers to tackle the water crisis in South Africa has made headlines. The welcome to the Cubans was not very good.
The South African union Solidaridad sued the government to demand more public information, among other elements, around the hiring.