Havana will receive Japanese donations of garbage trucks

Havana will receive Japanese donations of garbage trucks

HAVANA, Nov 23 (PL) Cuba will be given a donation by the Government of Japan valued at some $ 10 million USD, consisting of specialized vehicles for the collection of solid waste in this capital city, according to an agreement signed today.

The agreement was signed by the Council of Provincial Management (CAP) of Havana and Japan International Cooperation System (JICS), the specialists of which will carry out the project on behalf of the Japanese Government.

According to JICS representative Takuma Momoi, the agreement is part of the commitment to handle climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and protection to the environment.

‘The handling of solid waste and its final disposal represent and important issue to fight against pollution, improve the quality of life of the population and avoid health risks,’ said Momoi.

‘The 15 percent of the donation will consist of pieces for repairing the vehicles and the rest will be made up of the specialized vehicles, which will total more than 60 ones’, said Reynaldo Garcia, president of CAP in Havana.

‘The donation should be delivered by the end of 2018,’ said Momoi, while highlighting the high priority given by the Cuban authorities to the safe handling of solid waste and a proper healthy environment for the population.