Cuba reaches 40 degrees Celsius for the second time in its history

Cuba reaches 40 degrees Celsius for the second time in its history

HAVANA, May 15,  Cuba reached 40.0 degrees Celsius this Tuesday in the town of Bolivia (center), the second historical maximum on the island after the record reached a little over a month ago, reported the Meteorological Institute (Insmet).The record was reported on April 11, with 40.1 degrees Celsius, in the town of Jucarito, province of Granma (east), the highest value registered by the Insmet Climate Center.

The day before, the temperature rose to 38.6 degrees Celsius in that eastern town, while on March 17 it registered 38.9 degrees.

Jucarito is an area that in recent years has reported high temperatures, and with the record reported in April it beat the previous one – April 11, 2020 – when the thermometer of the meteorological station in that territory rose to 39.2 degrees Celsius.

According to the Climate Center, March 2024 has been the warmest month in Cuba.

Other Cuban towns such as Veguitas, also in Granma, and Indio Hatuey, in the western province of Matanzas, have registered 39.7 and 39.3 degrees Celsius, respectively, showing a tendency for temperatures to rise above their typical values.

As a result of studies by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), projections for Cuba in the face of the effects of global warming and the resulting climate change foresee an increase in the average annual temperature above one degree Celsius in 2030 and 3 .5 degrees in 2070.

These estimates exceed the 1.5 established by the international community to combat climate change, an increase set in the Paris Agreement as a limit to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of global climate variation on the planet.