Cuba publishes National List of people and entities wanted for acts of terrorism

Cuba publishes National List of people and entities wanted for acts of terrorism

HAVANA, Dec. 8 The Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba published this Thursday a resolution of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) with the National List of people and entities related to acts of terrorism.Resolution 19/2023 resolves to include in said list “the persons and entities that, under Resolution 1373 of the United Nations Security Council, international law and the domestic legal system, have been subjected to criminal investigations and are wanted.” by the Cuban authorities, based on their involvement in the promotion, planning, organization, financing, support or commission of acts carried out in the national territory or in other countries, based on acts of terrorism.”

The list includes 61 Cubans, including influencers, YouTubers, journalists and activists such as Eliecer Ávila, Alain Lambert Sánchez (Cuban Paparazzi), Jorge Ramón Batista Calero (Ultrack), Ninoska Pérez Castellón, Liudmila Santiesteban Cruz (Liu Santiesteban) and Alexander Otaola.

As the regulations explain in its second provision, “the Ministry of the Interior ensures the existence of reasonable reasons or bases to include these people and entities or organizations in the National List of terrorists, with duly documented evidentiary elements, that satisfy the designation criteria. defined in the aforementioned international and national standards.”

The names included in this List are due to different Causes and Files related to terrorist actions, attacks on the Cuban President or incitement to actions against social order.

In the case of the latter, Investigative File 71/2021 is included, “initiated for inciting the carrying out of actions that affect the social order in Cuba, through violent acts against public officials and the normal functioning of socioeconomic entities; as well as promoting armed aggression against Cuba” and which includes the aforementioned YouTubers and activists.

Finally, it includes “criminal entities or organizations based in the United States that organize, finance, provide means and carry out actions against the security of the Cuban State.”

The document, signed by First Colonel Moraima Bravet Garófalo, head of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the MININT, came into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic.