Cuba Prepares Change/Transference to Digital TV by July

Cuba Prepares Change/Transference to Digital TV by JulyHAVANA, march 17th (PL) Cuban specialists are coordinating the last details to start in July the step towards digital television with the so-called partial blackout of the educational channel”s analog signal.

Grisel Reyes, president of the Computer and Communications Business Group, said that this first stage will take place in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud and in five other municipalities of Sancti Spíritus province: Cabaiguán, Jatibonico, La Sierpe, Taguasco, and the provincial headFor this purpose, it foresees a readjustment of the channel’s programming folder and the insertion of some spaces in other channels so as not to affect the audience, she explained at a press conference on the Convention and Information Fair 2018.

Reyes described the process as ambitious and sensitive when taking into account the financial limitations of the country and many people who have not yet been able to acquire the digital signal decoder box or hybrid televisions.

With the aim of not leaving anyone unprotected, the sale of the receiving devices in the currency collection stores will be strengthened and subsidies are foreseen for those with low purchasing power identified by the Labor Ministry Labor and Security, she insisted.

For the cases of educational centers and public health the government will ensure the replacement of analogue equipment by digital or the delivery of the so-called ‘boxes’, she stressed.

Reyes commented on the purpose of progressively migrating to the digital signal so that within a period of three years, television coverage will be provided with greater features and functionalities that will also influence the process of computerization of Cuban society.