Cuba to plant more than 29,000 hectares of tobacco

Cuba to plant more than 29,000 hectares of tobaccoHAVANA, Oct 11th (ACN) The Tobacco Business Group of Cuba (Tabacuba) signed contracts with producers for the planting of more than 29 thousand hectares and the collection of some 32 thousand tons of tobacco leaves in the 2017-2018 harvest that began this Tuesday.

Fidel Sánchez Triana, vice president Tabacuba, said in the ceremony that marked the beginning of the harvest that 18,680 producers, their families and other forces linked to such labors are ready.

He pointed out that of the total plantations planned to harvest, 2,826 ha correspond to cover crops to obtain the wraps that give Cuban cigars their unique texture.

According to Sánchez Triana, the main resources for the tobacco campaign are guaranteed and they are working hard on the areas affected recently by Hurricane Irma

He also reported that in the 2016-2017 harvest, 28,570 ha were planted and 30,755 tons of leaves were collected, representing 103 percent of what was planned, with a yield of more than 1.10 t per hectare.

The vice president of Tabacuba said that although the results are positive, the demand for handmade cigars for export is much higher; for that reason the companies of collection and benefit of the Island carry out an arduous task to process all that matter reserved for the manufacture of tobaccos and cigarettes destined to the Cuban and foreign market.

Tabacuba is made up of 40 state-owned companies, the Sociedad Mercantil Tabagest S.A., which represents the mixed companies Habanos SA, Internacional Cubana de Tabaco S.A. and Brascuba Cigarrillos S.A., and a Research Institute.

In addition, the Group directs the tobacco industry in the different stages of its chain, consisting of production to agriculture, industry, marketing, logistics and development.