Cuba plans to revive coffee industry

HAVANA, Nov. 27th The Cuban government intended to revive the once flourishing coffee industry in the country, offering attractive wages in the harvest season and renewing old plantations with low yields.

Currently, for every five-pound container of collected coffee beans grown in the mountainous regions of Cuba, the workers receive, on average,$ 6 for Arabica and$ 4 for Robusta.

Now, collectors will receive an average monthly salary in the amount of 226$, which, according to the authorities, will contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of collecting the coffee beans, by encouraging workers to earn more.

For 160 years, Cuba was the world famous producer and exporter of coffee, with approximately 194000 hectares of plantations of coffee trees.

Currently, the government plans to produce at least 15,000 tons of coffee beans per year, to opt out of 8,000 tons of coffee annually imported from Vietnam.

Although this number is far from the 24,000 tons needed to meet domestic demand and refusal of 8,000 tonnes of coffee, the beginning of the changes already made.