Cuba Opens Website for Car Marketing

havana-live-cars-for-saleA new specialized website will allow Cubans residing in the country to announce the purchase and sale of vehicles, equipment and parts, transportation or other services that have emerged with the expansion of self-employment activitie.
With national coverage (visible only in Cuba), the website’s name is De Todo ( and whose sole purpose is to facilitate communication in a virtual market in an efficient, practical and free way, even for those who do not have access to the global Internet, but access the domestic version. According to Granma newspaper, among the website’s categories are of cars, trucks, motorcycles, jeeps, bicycles, wedges, minibus, drag, trucks, panels, buses, parts and accessories, car rentals, driving and Repair vehicles.
This system is programmed in free software and is based on very simple and intuitive icons, through which up to three photos that do not exceed 256 kilobytes can be inserted in each ad. The website, created by three computer engineers from the Business Information Services of the Ministry of Transport (SITRANS) was previously subjected to rigorous evaluation by CALISOFT, dependence of the Computer Sciences University who is responsible for the certification of quality, functionality and security of software products.
Jorge Miguel Garcia, director of information of SITRANS said that this is an official website.