Cuba, Monaco Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

Cuba, Monaco Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Diplomatic RelationsHAVANA, Dec. 16th 15 (PL) Cuba and the Principality of Monaco celebrated today the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, an occasion on which both parties reaffirmed the will to continue strengthening ties towards the future.

The Embassy of Monaco in Paris hosted the celebration led by Ambassadors Elio Rodríguez (Cuba) and Claude Cottalorda (Monaco), with the presence of numerous diplomats from both countries.

During the ceremony, Cottalorda maintained that the geographical distance between the two nations does not prevent the existence of friendly relations based on mutual respect and reciprocal support, reinforced on issues of common interest such as a commitment to education and environmental protection.

The representative of Monaco emphasized that the two countries coincide in their vision on challenges such as the search for peace in an unstable world, the confrontation with terrorism, the preparation of the future of youth and, above all, ensuring a sustainable development for the planet.

For his part, the Cuban ambassador pointed out that ‘our peoples have long been in contact and have several elements in common: we are small states, very attached to independence and sovereignty, which try to develop surrounded by great neighbors, which is not always easy, but we have managed to build a future. ‘

Rodríguez reaffirmed the will to continue working to strengthen the links that are historical and have a lot of potential in sectors such as culture, economy, commerce, academia, sports, among others.

Cuba and Monaco established diplomatic relations on December 19, 2007 with the signing of a declaration, an act held in the same diplomatic headquarters of the Principality in Paris.