Cuba: List of Custom Packing Enterprises Updated

services-douane_imgHAVANA  April 22  (Prensa Latina) The Cuban National Custom Office updated its list of authorized entities to make dispatches at house delivery in different countries, said an official communique Tuesday. The communique pointed out Tuesday that the National Custom Office appropriately detected cases in which messaging agencies and packing enterprises in different countries, have offered to give this kind of service in Cuba, without being appropriately authorized by Cuban officials. Such an attitude causes the packages sent to the addressees are not properly received, the message added. So, to avoid affectations for the people leased for this kind of actions abroad, the National Custom Office has published an updated list with the foreign entities that can send packages to Cuba, working under leases with Cuban operators. Such an update will permit those people to send the packages from abroad, to consult this list, in order to verify which agency is properly authorized in Cuba.
Among the entities authorized, there are: Mensajería y Cambio Internacional (EMCI) with operations with agencies Bordoy Courier (Ecuador);
Panamá: Apacargo; Cugranca; IBT and All Consume; from the United States, Cugranca;
Perú: All Consume, Spain, Cugranca, IB SA, Cubaenvío, Courier Cubanacán Express with operationes with the following foreign entities:
Spain: Eurocuba; Comercial Bilbohabana; Logística Guaso;
Costa Rica: MHN Cargo Express and Panamá: Apacargo Express SA; Rumbos Express INC. From Canada: Treew INC; Guatemala: Compañía Comercial Fermingua S.A; Italy: Globoestar; Angulo Cubano Service SRL;
Ecuador: Envíos y Paquetes Rodríguez Rodríguez; Compañía Romero Tranfer y Courier S.A; Venezuela: Exconven C.A y Couriers: TNT and Cotransa.

Now CubaPacks does it through the US, with the following entities: Wilson Int; Service Inc; Machi Community Services; Va Cuba; on the Caribbean, Caribe Express; Vía Cuba; Flor Caribe Inc; Caribbean Family And Travel Services Inc; Aztec Worldwide Airlines Inc; Procurements Systems Inc; Crowley Logistics Inc; and Frontline Cargo Logistic. On the other hand, Transcargo operates with Canada: AB Forwarding, ITN Logistics,
China: AB Forwarding, Spain: Marine Lantia, Cugranca, Gloshima, Eurocuba Consultants, Venezuela: Lanita Marina, Infinite Hairspring, Anaka, NET Change,
Dominican Republic: Gloshima, Stemsa Commercial CORP. They include in Transcargo to Panama: AB Forwarding, Integrated Loads, International Bussiness Trading, S.A, Express Apacargo, Treew INC, The America TCC Group, Suplidora JR, Promoter LUX, Kminos, Ecuador; Entrustecuador, Eurotrend, Belgium:
Chacalli, Italy: Sardelli Logistics, Sefigroup, and Czech Republic; OSSA For Aerovaradero the relationship includes Italy: AM Group SRL, INC, Globestar SRL,
Ecuador: Michelle Air Position, Michair Co., Borduy Courrier and Services INC, Latin Travel Cia LTDA, Rosemary Tranfer and Courrier INC,
Panama: You load Integrated INC, Central America Loads Agency LTD, Cugranca INC, Promoter LUX, Transport G and C Express INC, Eurotrend.

There are also Spain Globestar SRL, Cotransa, Garpez Transitarios, Cugranca Safety CO.LTD., Eurorusia Marine Lantia, Insular Connection, Blue Position,
Canada: Central America Loads Agency LTD, Cugranca INC, Pelican International Cargp INC, LVR International,
Peru: NC International Express SAC, and
Great Cayman: ABS Trade & Comerse. Aerovaradero also operates with Akbar and Associates from the Dominican Republic: Akbar and Associates, Commercial Stemsa INC, Mexico: Sky Technologies INC of CV, Russia: Eurorusia, Latin Express, Guatemala: Commercial Fermigua INC, Serpro, Peru: Consultancy and Messaging INC, and All Consulme SAC.

The list is complete with the following list of companies: Bolivia: Consultancy and Messaging INC, All Consulme SAC, Angola: Tiba, Belize: Anaka Belize Limited, Bahamas: Island Fun and Sun Tours, Costa Rica: MHN Loads Limited Express, France: Globefret, Luxemurgo: Globefret. sgl/tac/acl/rfc