Cuba leads ecological development of beekeeping

HAVANA, Feb 10 (PL) Cuba is the only country in the world without using chemical treatment in the breeding and development of bees, the fundamental axis of beekeeping, experts assured this Monday. According to the Director-General of the Beekeeping Research Center (CIAPI) Adolfo Perez, there is no beekeeping without bees, which are disappearing in many countries – particularly in developed countries – due to the use of chemicals in their care, he sustained.

CIAPI’s director-general announced that Havana’s Convention Center will host from May 4 to 8 the 7th Beekeeping Congress, which will have as its motto the protection of bees and their productions (honey, propolis, pollen and others) and will be attended by delegates from Cuba, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France and other countries.

This forum will be characterized by an open discussion and the exchange of views among producers, specialists and the international community on what we are doing in this field.

Issues to discuss include product quality, market, trading, production chain, pollination and international cooperation.