Cuba leads 64th Hemingway fishing Tournament

havana-live-marlin1HAVANA, 13 June (by Roberto F.Campos) The Cuban team now leads the 64th Ernest Hemingway International Fishing Tournament, where 82 fishermen from 11 countries are participating, according to official data.
In the Hemingway this year, 22 boats from 11 countries enrolled, although five from the U.S. and Canada, four from France and one each from Mexico, Italy, England, Latvia, Spain, Sweden and Russia are in competition.
Such Cuban leadership is based on tradition, with local sailors well versed in this sport, and also in light of the fact that Ernest Hemingway donated his medal for the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature to his fellow Cuban sports-fishermen. The Cuban team held an advantage on Thursday, with a 40.5 pound golden fish and a marlin, and is the first official appearance, at least according to the records of the most recent 20 years, of a group with five experienced fishermen from Jaimanitas, a town adjacent to the marina.
The tournament’s regulation, provides for catch and release for each specimen, with teams accumulating 550 points in the case of blue marlin and 350 for white marlin, or 250 for a sailfish. One point is added for every pound of dorado, wahoo and tuna, in a battle that must be fair and clean, as Hemingway specified.
Hemingway loved this sport, and the competition, set along the Havana coastline, brings a touch of class to the ascendant local leisure industry. sus/sa/cgm/pgh/rfc