Cuba issues prepaid cards to facilitate payments

Cuba issues prepaid cards to facilitate payments for foreigners

HAVANA, Apr 21 Cuba issues prepaid cards in Freely Convertible Currency marketed by the financial entity Casas de Cambio de Cuba (Cadeca)they enjoy good acceptance among international travelers who visit the island, authorities from that body declared today.

In a press conference held at the headquarters of this mercantile company in this capital, its president, Maday Fernández, reported that in the first quarter of this year alone, close to 9,500 of these facilities were sold, designed so that residents abroad have an additional option to pay for services and goods in the country’s retail network.

To date, he added, these cards are available with balances in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) of one thousand, 500, 200, 100, and 50, and can be purchased with US and Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, British pounds, euros, and Mexican pesos.

Likewise, they can be obtained in the entire network of Cadeca offices in the national territory, in 12 international airports and in 89 hotels upon presentation of the visitor’s passport.

Thanks to these tools, he specified, hotel reservations, excursions, air tickets, car rental, cafeteria and restaurant services, among others, can be paid for.

She mentioned that these are not rechargeable cards, they require a numerical identification to operate, they are for exclusive use in the national territory and the client can buy the amount they need during their stay.

Once the user completes his visit to Cuba, he said, at the Cadeca offices located in the airports, the amount still available in the said medium can be reimbursed at the bank exchange rate of the day in question, and according to the availability of the currency in the entity to which you go.

According to the vice president of Cadeca Alejandro Velasco, there are plans to sell these cards without specific balances, so that the client loads it with the desired amount, adding that mechanisms are being sought so that they can also be acquired from abroad.

In the event that the person wishes to access the services or products of a private enterprise, he explained, they can extract national currency at the current exchange rate in the country at any of the Cadeca offices, banks, or ATMs.

With respect to the MIR cards, designed for Russian tourism, Velasco clarified that although up to now their functionality is limited to the possibility of withdrawing cash from ATMs, work is being done so that they can also be used in the terminals of points of sale both in exchange houses and in bank offices.