Cuba – Iran coronavirus vaccines proves 99% effective

Cuba - Iran coronavirus vaccines proves 99% effective

HAVANA, Oct. 10 Pasteurcovac, a coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Iran and Cuba, proved to be 99 percent effective against COVID-19, the president of Pasteur Institute of Iran said on Saturday.

In a press briefing on the progress of Pasteurcovac development, Dr. Alireza Biglari said that the vaccine was the only COVID-19 vaccine in the world to produce the booster dose along with the two main doses and the only vaccine proper for people above the age of 3, IRNA reports.

Pasteurcovac was also the only vaccine able to be reengineered to be updated according to new coronavirus mutations, according to Dr. Biglari.

He noted that the vaccine passed the third phase for clinical test on 44,000 volunteers in Cuba and 24,000 in Iran and showed 91.6 percent efficacy after the booster dose.

The vaccine provoked immunity in over 99 percent of people after they received the third dose, according to the doctor.

Pasteurcovac, known as Soberana 2 in Cuba, has jointly been developed by Iran and Cuba and successfully passed third phase for a clinical tests.